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My name is John “Bones” Rodriguez, and I’m an Actor, Author, and Entrepreneur born and raised in New York City where I live with my wonderful wife and son.

And my mom lives across the street.

Seriously- Like “Everybody Loves Raymond” style.


This is a picture of all of us at the carousel in Central Park on a beautiful weekday.

As an Actor, you have seen me on TV in dozens of commercials, the occasional TV show, and a bunch of stage work and musicals. I’m well-known in the New York Improv comedy scene, and I also do shows for kids in schools throughout the Tri-State area.



In fact, I met my wife doing improv shows, and that’s her above in the red. We’re kinda internet famous, since my proposal video is one of the first YouTube viral videos.

 As an Author, I have written several books, but my most popular book is:

“Captain Kirk’s Guide To Women- How To Romance Any Woman In The Galaxy” 


It is “Guaranteed to help you make first contact, and put your love life on Warp Drive!”

I also have 2 Amazon best-sellers: “Half-Assed Health- How To Look Good Naked Without Starving, Suffering, or Surgery” and the children’s book “What Kind Of Penguin Are YOU?“.

 flatecover2013  WhatKindOfPenguinAreYouCoverPRINTSEAL


Here’s a short montage video of me on TV and doing some stage shows:


As an Entrepreneur, I help small businesses and “solopreneurs” use the internet to find hidden profits.


You see, I haven’t had a day job in over a decade, and I have found that I hate working for “The Man”, and am completely Unemployable…

and I want more people to do that with me.

Ever since I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, I have been building different income streams so that I can do whatever I want with my days and my life.

Hence the carousel on a weekday.

But I also am a big fan of Neale Donald Walsch, and his “Conversations With God” books, and in them he talks about “Being The Source” of what you want in life.

So, since I want more Inspiration, Information and Motivation, I like to create products that teach others to do what I have done.

They are mainly for actors and creative-types who would like to quit their day job and have more time and energy to pursue their art, but have no sense of how to do that.

So, I wrote “No More Waiters- How To Build Your Acting Business WITHOUT A Day Job“:


And eventually turned that into video courses and a membership site, where I mentor people who want help building their own income streams.

When I first started working in this “Solopreneurial” world, I just wanted to earn a few extra bucks to pay off my student loans, and maybe drink more on the weekends.

But after a while, I realized that it could give me the chance to do anything I wanted, and it has led me to doing all the things I talk about above.

My favorite thing though? This guy:

 And loving this life is not something I ever expected from just trying to pay off my student loans.

So, whereas a lot of people might think being an “Actor, Author, Solopreneur” might be a bit much, for me it all gels quite nicely together.

When I see so many other people doing so many things they hate, I do my best to let them know that there are more choices out there for all of us.

The point is that I like being in control of my life, and helping other people get to that point too.


If you’ve ever thought of being in control of your own time and life, then maybe you want to look into “Solopreneurship” too. It’s what has allowed me to be creative as well as practical.

If you’d like to create your own “Online Vending Machine” too, then I suggest getting started with the system below by clicking the picture of the Kalatu package:

This rest of this blog is about all of that stuff, and just about whatever else I feel needs sharing!

I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you’d like to know even more about me, you can visit my main home page:


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