The ONE Coherent Thing Trump Said That This Die-Hard Liberal Leftie Agrees With... And Most People Missed It Entirely.

I was terrified as I watched the debates because I thought that Hillary (blessings be upon her) had no chance to win over the loud mouth Republican nominee (whose name shall not be mentioned).

However, it was great to watch his sputter and lie, and double-talk his way to seeming like a lunatic. She didn't really win it so much as he lost it.

HOWEVER, there was a word he used to describe the upcoming financial collapse- and everyone just acted like he never said it:

He Said "Bubble"

And he's 100% Correct.

And not even Hillary Clinton (may blessings be upon her) said anything about it after he mentioned it, nor did the moderator (where was he anyway?), and neither did ANY of the TV stations.

Watch the video below and watch carefully as it all unfolds:

I'm not allowed to host the video (CBS keeps taking it down), but it's on another site.

It should have been a major topic in the debate, but did you notice that you NEVER heard about it again?

Watch the Video, or read the whole story here:

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